VW Camper Restoration

This T3 1956 VW Camper was a fantastic restoration project that we did here at Dawlish Tyre & Auto Centre for Brett in June 2015. The images below will show you how badly rusted it was when we started, all the way through to the finished article.

As you will see form the images below, we took this project on from the very beginning. The camper was in a right state having been found abandoned for some 30 years by the looks of it. We had been looking for a project like this for a while and knew this was the one.

Here is the vehicle spec:

  • Make:Volkswagon Camper
  • Model:T3 Split Screen
  • Year: 1956
  • Started:June 2015
  • Finished:September 2015
  • Hours:125 hours

The images start from the oldest and show you the progression as you go down to the end. The images above is the end product of a lot of hours or sweat and tears, but I think you will agree that it was well worth it.